Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog #3 constructive criticism in the workplace

The role of constructive criticism in the workplace seems for me to be left to those in charge of the business that you work for. by those in charge of the business, I dont mean someone who works indirectly above you that you may not interact with on a regular basis, but someone that you work with directly that encourages and rewards you in some of the things that you do right, but also has the right to address issues of improvement and can be able to do follow-up evaluations if need be. that person enforcing constructive criticism would for me be your employer or boss, and the roll of constructive criticism for a boss would have to bring about correction while surrounding the correction that you're giving with positive reinforcement. an example of this would be if an employee were to get positive recommendations from customers and the employer recognizes the positive reinforcement being drawn by the customers, the employer might applaud those recommendations and as a reward the employer might give you a raise. on the other hand, if you were struggling in a certain area of work and the employer had noticed this, the employer might reflect to you on all of your achievements, but will  tell you exactly what areas need to be worked on in order to perform the best.

Usually the only time that I was able to receive constructive criticism is when I was at work. everybody gives and receives constructive criticism diffrently than everybody else. honesty is not always constructive, and yet when somebody has worked with a lot of people and has dealt with many situations in the business world such as being a manager, it may come easy for those managers or supervisors that have hired and let people go for so long, but the right person to be put in a position such as a manager is one that can give you criticism that can not only benefit you but lets you know that they the managers have concern for you, whether you were receiving good good news or bad news.