Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog #8 thanksgiving week/ what I am thankful for

I know looking into the future of this week and the occupation that I have (which is a cashier at Meijer) that work will be extremly crazy due to the fact that turkeys and toys are going to be flying off the counters like crazy over the next few days. these last couple of weeks have given me a lot of thought into what  thanksgiving was really about. A lot of what Christmas is about is connected to thanksgiving. For example, during Christmas time we should be thankful for the gifts that we receive and gifts that we've had all our lives. People may put a lot of time and energy into buying these gifts, but it's important that we be thankful for having the money to supply buying some of these lavish things. There are some countries with people that can't even afford a home. And as far as gifts that you've had all along such as family and friends that love you, it's important to be grateful and be thankful for those things too because some families are either separated by divorce, close relatives that have passed away or because of one disagreement, they cut all ties with each other altogether, so in spite of all the things that we can and cannot see, we should be thankful for so many wonderful things that we already have.

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