Tuesday, December 18, 2012

blog #10 presentation

Blog #10

       I think out of all the groups that had presented in the big brothers big Sisters presentation, I believe the cherish group did the best. The reason that I enjoyed the cherish group the most was because not only was their PowerPoint presentation done really well, but everyone had presented themselves really well. Each person was very comfortable in presenting to a group despite the fact that we would be presenting to some of the people that represent the program. I also enjoyed that they had for the program such as the poinsettias that could be sold at different stores in order to raise money for the program.

      It’s a little bit difficult to say what ideas that I wish my group would have incorporated into the project because the ideas that we had already came up with for both the groups that I was in had done a great job in developing ideas to come up with for this presentation. I was in the Book crew group for the presentation, and it gave me the most ideas for what I could do as personal goals. Personal goals I had were to help the big brother big sisters programs with helping children read and tutoring in any reading or writing skills/assignments that they were concerned with.

     The experience of preparing for a group presentation is always a different experience, depending on the class and what each teacher expects of you. This experience was particularly the most involved project I have ever experienced in any class. The part that made me the most nervous was the fact that we had to present these to not only the class but to the participants of the BBBS program.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

blog #9 Complaint Letter

7110 Mahar Rd.

Saginaw, MI 48601

December 4th 2012

Best Buy, Inc.

Manager of corporation

4406 Bay Road 

Saginaw, MI 48603


Dear Best Buy Manager

On November 15th 2012, I bought a Panasonic flatscreen television at 4406 Bay Road in Saginaw at about 4:30pm.

Unfortunately, your television has not performed well because the wire that requires power between the television and the outlet is not available in the box. I am disappointed because I had bought other products before at this location and everything that was required for the products to function properly was included in the package.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate a refund of the television along with a discount of the television of my choosing. Enclosed in this letter are the receipts as well as a list of all the other parts of the television that I had written out.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait until next week before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or another Best Buy. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at (989) 413-3514.


Sara Anne Foland

blog #6 what is service learning

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog #8 thanksgiving week/ what I am thankful for

I know looking into the future of this week and the occupation that I have (which is a cashier at Meijer) that work will be extremly crazy due to the fact that turkeys and toys are going to be flying off the counters like crazy over the next few days. these last couple of weeks have given me a lot of thought into what  thanksgiving was really about. A lot of what Christmas is about is connected to thanksgiving. For example, during Christmas time we should be thankful for the gifts that we receive and gifts that we've had all our lives. People may put a lot of time and energy into buying these gifts, but it's important that we be thankful for having the money to supply buying some of these lavish things. There are some countries with people that can't even afford a home. And as far as gifts that you've had all along such as family and friends that love you, it's important to be grateful and be thankful for those things too because some families are either separated by divorce, close relatives that have passed away or because of one disagreement, they cut all ties with each other altogether, so in spite of all the things that we can and cannot see, we should be thankful for so many wonderful things that we already have.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog #7 service learning

What is service learning?

to me, service learning is learning about a certain activity while getting involved. service learning is getting involved in something that you care about while discovering different ways in how the community works.
What are your expectations along with any apprehensions you have about this project?
  my expectation is that i will learn a lot about myself and to hopefully gain some sort of outcome from this project. for example, I hope that by doing this project i will have gained a sense of positive reinforcement that I can further use to benefit my career, such as being able to discover more about the chosen career and how i can further help my community by getting involved in other programs.

What skills will transfer over to your current or future career?
the skills that I believe will transfer over to my current or future career is having the ability to reach out to others better and from doing this project being able to work harder in my career. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

blog #5 how to assemble a bicycle

Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and as means to getting around but incorrect bike assemble will make for a bad time. Double check all your work and make sure everything is lubed up and fastened before taking your bike out for a spin.


If your new bicycle comes in a box, it won’t be ready to ride. With a few tools and some elbow grease, you’ll be off and riding in no time.


You Will Need


* Bicycle lubricant

 * An air pump

 * An Allen wrench set

 * An adjustable wrench

 * A kickstand or wall (optional)


Step 1: Unpack


Remove the bike frame and all the parts from the box. Make sure everything is unwrapped and accounted for.


Be careful not to rest the bike on the sensitive parts such as the derailleur and gear sprockets, so they won’t bend or warp.


Step 2: Attach front wheel


Squeeze bicycle lubricant on the front wheel axle. Set the wheel in position between the front brake pads. Slide the axle in, replace the spring and cap, and tighten.


Step 3: Attach rear wheel


Repeat the procedure with the rear wheel, and then gently pull up on the chain, setting it on the gears’ teeth.


Set the bike on its kickstand if it has one, or lean it against a wall for the rest of the assembly.


Step 4: Inflate tires


Use an air pump to inflate the tires to the pressure recommended on their sidewalls.


Step 5: Attach seat


Drop the seat post into the seat post tube and tighten the clamp. Make sure the seat is aligned with the frame’s top bar.


Step 6: Attach handlebars


Slide the handlebar stem into the vertical handlebar tube. Adjust the position of the handlebars until they are perpendicular to the front wheel and tighten the neck with an Allen wrench.


Be careful not to loosen the headset too much or the handlebar nut may drop into the tube.


Step 7: Attach left and right pedals


Find the pedal labeled “L.” Tightly screw it into the left crank by rotating the nut counter-clockwise with an adjustable wrench.

blog #4 online identity


according to the online calculator there wasn't as many searches that related to me as much as I thought there would be. there were a lot of websites that connected to me, but I was happy to know that I wasn't as identifiable as i thought I would be. I'd like to be represented professionally when looking for a job so I do want to present myself well not only online but with my friends and family around me as well, but it makes me wary of putting myself out there too much because I want ot be presented as what i best represent, not someone who someone else represents me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog #3 constructive criticism in the workplace

The role of constructive criticism in the workplace seems for me to be left to those in charge of the business that you work for. by those in charge of the business, I dont mean someone who works indirectly above you that you may not interact with on a regular basis, but someone that you work with directly that encourages and rewards you in some of the things that you do right, but also has the right to address issues of improvement and can be able to do follow-up evaluations if need be. that person enforcing constructive criticism would for me be your employer or boss, and the roll of constructive criticism for a boss would have to bring about correction while surrounding the correction that you're giving with positive reinforcement. an example of this would be if an employee were to get positive recommendations from customers and the employer recognizes the positive reinforcement being drawn by the customers, the employer might applaud those recommendations and as a reward the employer might give you a raise. on the other hand, if you were struggling in a certain area of work and the employer had noticed this, the employer might reflect to you on all of your achievements, but will  tell you exactly what areas need to be worked on in order to perform the best.

Usually the only time that I was able to receive constructive criticism is when I was at work. everybody gives and receives constructive criticism diffrently than everybody else. honesty is not always constructive, and yet when somebody has worked with a lot of people and has dealt with many situations in the business world such as being a manager, it may come easy for those managers or supervisors that have hired and let people go for so long, but the right person to be put in a position such as a manager is one that can give you criticism that can not only benefit you but lets you know that they the managers have concern for you, whether you were receiving good good news or bad news.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blog #2 interview process

The reason why you should hire me for your place of service is because I'm a dedicated and motivated worker, I help others who need help, I'm loyal to any company that I end up working for and most of all I know that im well skilled in the career that I have chosen for myself. I'm a motivated worker in the sense that I complete the task that i have in front of me and I am determined to get that job done while handling any other situations that come my way. I take whatever occupation that I work for seriously in that I not only do what's required of me but I go above and beyond doing I'm normally suppose to do. For example, I am currently working as a cashier, but I go above and beyond my normal duties such as cleaning the area that I am working around. I help others who need help in my current job by not only helping customers find what they're looking for but helping the other employees with figuring out what to do in any given situation. I'm loyal to any company I work for by being to work on time, being honest to the person I work for with whatever questions that need to be answered and by having a passion for what I've chosen to do. And lastly I know that I am well skilled in the career that I have chosen for myself because I have obtained a lot of the knowledge from the courses that I have taken at davenport to help me prepare for what this occupation is going to entail.

My education has prepared me for my career because the courses that I have taken have allowed me to be aware of the requirements that are expected of me and the general terminology that I need to know in order to understand what I am reading on a day to day basis. For example, for the job occupation that I am looking to obtain, I will be looking thoroughly at medical charts and will be assigning codes for each chart along with the diagnosis that the physician assigns for the patient. If there is a question on the diagnosis that the physician assigns, my job would be to query the physician by filling out a query form and then send the query form over to the physician office where at that time the physician has to reply within 3-5 business days, and the physician's response must be clear and concise with his response.

to answer the question of whether I have ever had a conflict with my boss or professors, I have never had a conflict with any of my bosses, but I had previous bosses that I didn't agree with their actions. for example, there was a new person who got hired into our bookstore, and she seemed really nice in person but she would be neglecting to do some of the work related jobs that we were always suppose to do before closing. she would bring her laptop into work and work on some of the photography pictures that she had taken since she was majoring in phtography. she would complain to her husband one minute and then the next minute she was talking about how wonderful he was. the boss would talk to me of situations that I had experienced in the bookstore that sounded serious to her, but weren't as serious as it truely was. not long after those "incidents" happened, my boss had called me to come to the bookstore even though the weather conditions were horrible then. once I got there she had told me that she was letting me go. I explained to her why it was that I disagreed with her decision making, but she decided to neglect what I had to say. the situation wasn't necessarily resolved, but it helped me to be stronger as a person and how to stand up for myself when a situation happens like this again.

I believe I am a team player. I believe that a true team player tries to work hard with others and tries to get tasks done together. I believe that a true team player gets along with the people that they're working with and learns to cooperate with each other when a team knows that it has its ups and down. when there are times when situations don't work out the way you want to, a true team player will try to come up with solutions to that problem even if it may or may not work out. team players take the risk of going forth with a solution, being aware that there are consequences to every action, and goes forth to take care of a situation even if the outcome may or may not work out the way we plan it to be.it's important to make the best decision possible, but it's also important to take risks once in a while, otherwise we never learn anything in the long run.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

about me

     hello everyone! my name is Sara Foland, I'm 25 years old and I live with my parents in Saginaw, Michigan. my major is in Health Information Technology and I would like to be able to work as a Medical Coder and Biller. I have been in the health information program for 2 years and will be graduating by winter 2013. I am currently double majoring as well with a bachelors degree in Health Information Management, but I'm only allowing myself to take a few classes from that program this term. it has been a confusing ride, but in the end I feel that I will be happy with what I've chosen with my education goals.

    after this fall term, my educational goals will take me to proceeding with my internship along with a practicum. once i have graduated from Davenport University, I would like to get settled into the facility that I would be currently working for, paying off my student loans and then depending on where life experiences take me (such as marriage, buying a house, children), I would like to continue with finishing up my Bachelors degree in Health Information Management so that I can be able to have another degree under my belt that will help me to provide for a family of my own and will allow me to pursue higher goals at the same time such as a management position. I wish that I could be in school for a lifetime because college has been a wonderful journey, and even if it took me a few years to figure out what I truly wanted to do, I've enjoyed exploring different avenues in the meantime.

    technical communication is important in my career because in order to work in a healthcare setting you have to be able to communicate to everyone effectively including nursing staff and the physician. the physician is especially important to communicate with because if they assign a diagnosis to a patient and you needed more information about the diagnosis that he assigned, you couldn't just simply knock on their office door and ask "what's this?". there's a mechanical way in asking the physician what exactly he is diagnosing, and the coder needs to be more specific themselves in how they address a question. the coder has to fill out a query form and the physician has to be able to respond back to the medical coder with the same professionalism that his job requirements entails. wiothout formal communication skills, information being passed would fall to the wayside and patient's medical information would be harder to track down.