Tuesday, December 18, 2012

blog #10 presentation

Blog #10

       I think out of all the groups that had presented in the big brothers big Sisters presentation, I believe the cherish group did the best. The reason that I enjoyed the cherish group the most was because not only was their PowerPoint presentation done really well, but everyone had presented themselves really well. Each person was very comfortable in presenting to a group despite the fact that we would be presenting to some of the people that represent the program. I also enjoyed that they had for the program such as the poinsettias that could be sold at different stores in order to raise money for the program.

      It’s a little bit difficult to say what ideas that I wish my group would have incorporated into the project because the ideas that we had already came up with for both the groups that I was in had done a great job in developing ideas to come up with for this presentation. I was in the Book crew group for the presentation, and it gave me the most ideas for what I could do as personal goals. Personal goals I had were to help the big brother big sisters programs with helping children read and tutoring in any reading or writing skills/assignments that they were concerned with.

     The experience of preparing for a group presentation is always a different experience, depending on the class and what each teacher expects of you. This experience was particularly the most involved project I have ever experienced in any class. The part that made me the most nervous was the fact that we had to present these to not only the class but to the participants of the BBBS program.

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